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Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton PDF Print E-mail

As a powerful and charismatic personal growth and development expert, Dr. Cotton has creatively blended a finely woven texture of “old fashioned” common sense with self-empowerment. Her seminars, workshops, and ministry have yielded definite and measurable results to captivated audiences around the country and abroad. Her magical mixture of wisdom, humor and sincerity permeates the room with love and demonstrates her devotion to her life’s work.

Her primary focus is on women’s issues and rebuilding and strengthening families. Whether the topic of discussion is self-awareness, empowerment, healing, or sexuality and relationships, Dr. Cotton leaves her audiences spiritually uplifted, enlightened and radiating with joy from the sharing of this paramount, life-changing experience.

She is amazingly free of intellectual wrangling and rhetorical ostentation. Dr. Cotton combines the richest of practical wisdom with the logic of a philosopher, the diagnostic skills of a psychologist, and the caring spirit of a dedicated clergy-person…qualities are not surprising given her background in both academia and the church.

Dr. Cotton’s uniqueness lies in her own special blend of Spirituality and as a songstress who delivers dynamic teachings that reach the true essence of the soul.

Her vast travels have taken her from her home state of Arkansas to Egypt, to Ghana, Paris, Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, to tranquil Caribbean Waters, and throughout the United States. In doing so, she brings to her platform a deep appreciation for all humanity, her heritage and profound insight in dealing with today’s world complexities.

Dr. Cotton is a mother of six children, 13 grandchildren, and 9 great grandchildren. This experience helps her to relate to the single and working parents’ plight as she motivates, teaches, counsels and addresses conflicts and issues of day-to-day living.

Regarded as an innovator in the fields of Human Resource Development, Management Leadership and Goal Achievement, she has a tremendous presence and outstanding reputation. Among her clients are: Institutions of Higher Education, Department of Public Aid, Urban League, Health Service Providers, Religious Institutions, Sales Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Governmental Agencies, Business & Industry.

Dr. Cotton has been dubbed “The Miracle Worker,” for the results she gets from at-risk students. Through a partnership with the College of Lake County and the Waukegan School District, she has received grants from the prestigious Kellogg Foundation, College of Lake County Foundation and the Chicago Foundation for Women.

Dr. Cotton is the author of “Getting It Together...You...Your Contributions” and “Getting It Together...You...Life...and...Living.” You can locate this publication on-line through Amazon Books, or at She is also the author of “Parenting in an X-Rated Society”, a video training program for faith based and community groups, “ Strengthening Marriages, Families and Communities”, an several inspirational and motivational programs which are widely used in executive and leadership training. She has been a contributing columnist for the Better Living Today Magazine, Advice Columnist for the Valley Examiner Newspaper, and the Daily Herald, Lake County, Illinois. She hosted a weekly radio broadcast on WKRS-1220, serving the Lake County area. The amazing list goes on in demonstrating work indicative of a woman who exudes unconditional love, power, freedom and concern for all mankind.

Her prime assumption is that each person is born divinely provided with limitless potential. She also contends that human troubles and failures are due to misconceptions on the part of the individual. Personal responsibility and freedom of choice are key precepts in her prescription for “Quality Living” on a day-to-day basis.

Dr. Cotton is a positive woman who refuses to allow economic conditions to dictate her goals in life. Modestly, she refrains from lengthy discussions that address her academic letters in education, counseling, psychology and theology. One thing that she will eagerly discuss is man’s choice to experience happiness, success and harmony.

Her experience as a woman and mother, combined with her natural personality of humor, entertains her audiences as she teaches, counsels, loves, nurtures and ministers. Humor, wisdom, self-awareness, common sense and charity are just a few words to describe what Dr. Cotton so generously and uniquely imparts to audiences.

To get a good perspective on how you can enjoy feeling good about yourself and identify your maximum potential, you might start by attending one of her workshops or seminars. On Sunday, you could just drop-in on her Fellowship Hour and experience her unique gift of Spiritual Enlightenment. Either of these will leave you spellbound, informed, energized, renewed and positively on a road to self-discovery-mastery.

Allow yourself and your group to witness first-hand this phenomenal woman and humanitarian. It is indeed an experience you will never forget and a wonderful gift to give to others that might be silently at their breaking point, filled with despair, hopelessness or loneliness.

Dr. Cotton believes in “Good Life and Good Living.” She says, “The options are endless and the choices are yours. You are a powerful person with unlimited resources and opportunities. You can make it happen.” Her simple and “straight to the heart” manner will undeniably enlighten, inspire and give increased hope for the future!

Dr. Cotton is a dynamic leading light and change agent in education toward meeting the needs of the whole person. Her credentials include the following; BA, Education; MS, Counseling; Ph.D., Psychology; MTS, Theological Studies; and Post Graduate Studies in Marriage and Family Therapy and Advanced Clinical Hypno-Therapy. She has more than 35 years experience as an educator, administrator, personologist and counselor and has 11 years classroom experience.

She is the founder of Trinity Universal Center, Inc., a holistic center for positive youth, family and personal development; and CEO of Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton and Associates (MJDCA), a Counseling and Personal Development Firm. She has proudly served as Local and State Chaplain for the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and served as Chairperson for the1995 Year of The Family Campaign for Lake County, Illinois.  Other affiliations include board member of The National Alliance of Faith and Justice, and National Facilitator for NAFJ’s “Strengthening Marriages, Families and Communities”.

For bookings and more information on Dr. Cotton and the services she provides, call (847) 263-9630, e-mail her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .