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Participants approaching these programs, with an open mind and an awareness of the need for personal change, will be in for a delightful, informative, and enriching experience.

A series of classes designed to offer you an in-depth study of the inner dynamics of life and living. The classes are positive with a personal approach, and they present a direct focus on "You."

Workshops explore the intimate themes and concerns that affect: self-empowerment, the exploration of love and self-worth, issues of faith commitment and the celebration of the journey of life. Dr. Cotton challenges workshop participants to transcend their fears, to face inevitable changes in their lives courageously and to use change as an opportunity to grow.

In an idyllic atmosphere of fun and relaxation, participants reflect on the balance of the world of work and business with the personal world of family and friendship. Also, they reflect on the questions of faith and spirituality that arise from the challenges of everyday life.

Support Groups
Support Groups provide support to each member and assist participants in learning techniques to manage their lives and to do away with the "slavific" syndrome. Without condemning or judging, solutions to life's challenges are shared and encouragement is constant. Through natural support, women are encouraged to nurture their inner selves, develop confidence and make wise choices.

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