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Trinity’s programs were created as a result of the many lectures, workshops, one-on-one conversations and therapy sessions with participants (both in the U.S. and abroad) reaching out for help, guidance, or some sense of direction.

The programs are designated for healing, relationship building and self-empowerment. Services consist of convenient and affordable classes, support groups, workshops and retreats.

Programs focus on the five “W” questions that just keep popping up in people’s lives: WHO am I? WHAT is life and living all about? WHERE do I fit into the whole of things, and WHY? WHEN is it all going to happen for me? WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, and WHEN? To some of us, these questions come early in life; to others, they come later. Whenever, one thing is for sure, THEY COME!

The Center’s objective is to explore, identify, deal with and heal childhood and adult wounds. It is time for healing!

Transitioning Eclectically is a profound positive approach used by like-minded people that removes all restrictions and allows them to choose the best from all systems, theories, philosophies and religions thereby allowing the individual the freedom of expression.

Personal Development Program for Quality Living

Saturday Youth Institute

It’s My Turn

PEN OR PENCIL: Writing a New History Program

Women Getting It Together

My Personal Journey