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Trinity Universal Center, Inc. is a holistic center for positive youth, family and personal development, created Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton.

Trinity Universal Center was created to form positive family support units and to develop personal responsibility.  The program provides profound, positive approaches in aiding individuals to become emotionally mature to deal with the daily pressures and occurrences of life.

Trinity Universal Center’s programs are designed for healing, relationship building and self-empowerment.  Services consist of convenient and affordable classes, support groups, workshops and retreats.

Trinity’s programs focus on the five “W” questions: WHO am I?  WHAT is life and living all about?  WHERE do I fit into the whole of things and Why?  WHEN is it all going to happen for me?

The Center’s objective is to explore, identify, deal with and heal childhood and adult wounds.  It is time for healing!


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