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Women Getting It Together is a profound positive approach in aiding women to become emotionally mature in dealing not only with daily pressures, but with life itself. The design is intended to provide a keen sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-motivation, and with the interpersonal skills necessary to cope with their personal, family, and lifetime needs.

A Mother’s Grief and Healing Action

A platform for mothers who have lost loved ones to gun violence. It is intended to address the mental health, emotional welfare, personal growth and development. The session can offer a foundation on which participants can rebuild, restore and heal themselves and their respective families beyond grief. There is one face to face session with three follow-up interactive sessions in three month intervals from the initial session which will round out a year of healing and wellness activities.

Atmosphere and Environment

Group sessions are fun, while serious in content, depth and substance. The setting is relaxed, informal and conducive to sharing and growth.

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